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LUMEN GALA, June 16, 2016

2016 Lumen Awards
There are new aspects to the 2016 Lumen Awards

The 2016 IESNYC (local section of the IES) Lumen Awards is now managed completely independently of the IES (the ‘society’) Illumination Awards (IES IA) Program.

When you entered the IESNYC 2016 Lumen Awards, your project will not have automatically been entered in the IES IA. You would have had to enter your project twice—once to the IESNYC Lumen Awards, with its own entry portal, unique procedures, and requirements —and then you would have needed to enter your same project SEPARATELY to the IES IA, via the IES IA portal.

The Lumen Awards and the IES Illumination Awards are now two distinct IES programs, each with their own entry fees and submittal requirements.

Why the change?

To better serve the members of the IESNYC, the local section of the IES, and to better meet the needs of the submitters and the Lumen Awards program.

The Lumens Awards were established in 1968 by the local New York City section, making the Lumens the oldest lighting design awards program. As such, the Lumen Awards established its unique submittal rules, operating guidelines, and marketing needs. Subsequently, the IES established its global awards program, initially known as the International Illumination Design Awards, (IIDA) subsequently renamed the Illumination Awards, which eventually consumed the Lumen Awards even as the Lumen Awards expanded rapidly and evolved continuously to meet the needs of the IESNYC members and others who submitted projects for consideration of a Lumen Award.

By resuming total ownership of the Lumen Awards as a local IESNYC section program, we hope to eliminate any confusion people experienced when participating in either program and to simplify the administration and management of the Lumens. It will also enable the IESNYC to better support its members with increased visibility and marketing of the award-winning firms, reaffirming the value of lighting design.