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2024 IESNYC Lumen Awards Submission Requirements

Project entries must have been submitted by the Extended Deadline: January 19, 2024.

Design projects must be completed within two years’ time of the submission extended deadline of January 19, 2024.

Each project entry must include:

1. Project Information: Provide “Lighting Designer’s” contact information credited for the design of the lighting, and the projects general information (such as name, location, type, and completion date).

2. Project Summary: 100-word limit. This summary will be read to the judges and your images will be shown during the first round of judging. Your summary should introduce your project to the Judges and inspire them to accelerate your project to the second round. Download Summary Example

3. Image Narratives: 300-total word limit. The image narratives will be read to the judges during the second round of judging should your project move to a second round. The image narratives should be cued in chronological order to each image (such as, Image1, Image2, Image3, etc.), and should describe or support the visual content of each image. Download Summary Example

NOTE: Your Project Summary will be read again during the second round of judging. There is no need to repeat info in your image narratives that is already in your Project Summary.

4. Digital Images: Up to 10 high-resolution JPEG images (at least 1024px and 768px at 300dpi). Each digital file will be counted as a single image. Digital files with multiple pictures or views or illustrations will be counted as multiple images towards a maximum of 10 images. (Example: one file with two side-by-side views will be counted as 2 images, one file with a picture, a detail, and a section will counted as 3 images, etc.)

5. Video Submission (optional): You may submit an optional digital video file.
• Acceptable files: MOV, M4V or MP4 format
• No Audio allowed
• Digital videos should only be used to demonstrate kinetic, transitional, or animated lighting effects key to the lighting design concept.
• Still images as a slide show are not accepted as a video and will be disqualified.
• Videos must be a maximum of one minute in length. Those that are over one minute will be terminated after one minute of play

6. Entry Fee: Submission fee is $200 per project submission. Fees are not refundable and there is no guarantee of receiving an award or publicity