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2018 IESNYC Lumen Awards Submission Requirements

1. Any individual or firm related to the project, such as a lighting designer, interior designer, architect, engineer, manufacturer, or owner may submit a project for consideration. Submission is no guarantee of receiving an award or any kind of publicity.  

2. Registration fees per submission are $125 and are non-refundable.

3. Eligible projects must be designed by a NYC* based designer(s) for a project located anywhere in the world.
OR The project must be located in NYC* regardless of the location of the designer(s).  
*Within the five boroughs of NYC and counties of Dutchess, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Ulster, and Westchester.

4. Entrants may submit as many projects as they wish, but must register each project individually and pay a separate registration fee for each submission.

5. Different portions or aspects of the same project may be submitted separately. Each one must have a unique, distinguishable title and an additional entry fee must be paid. Each of these entries will be judged separately.

6. Projects are judged anonymously therefore, the submission project summary and narratives must not include the name of the project, designer’s names or firms, or manufactures name or branding of commercial products. A projects location may be included in the submission narrative.  

  • a. Identifying Marks on Images: In addition to item 6 above, the projects name or company logo on images must be keep to a minimum or discrete, and when possible blurred or covered. Photographer’s name or copyright labels on images are not allowed.
  • b. Identifying Marks on Optional Videos:  In addition to item 6 above, the projects name or company logo in optional videos must be keep to a minimum or discrete. Descriptions or text in the video are allowed, but consider instead including a “video narrative” in the written project summary.

7. Each project entry must include:

  • A project summary of 400 words or less, describing the project and lighting design. Write your summary as a script cueing each image in the text (such as, image 1, image 2, image 3, etc.) as you would like your project read aloud to the judges while viewing each image. The project summary can introduce the design challenge and address specific goals.
  • Lighting Designer and Project information as requested on application.
  • Up to 10 high-resolution JPEG images (at least 1024px wide and 768px high at 300dpi). *For returning submitters, please note that this has changed from 12 images in 2017 to up to 10 images for 2018. Image narrative or description should be included in the project summary, as described above. Each image will be counted. Multiple pictures or views in a single image file will be counted as multiple images.
  • One Optional Video (with no audio, maximum of one minute in length, and in mov, m4v or mp4 format.) Still images as a slide show are not accepted as a video and will be disqualified.

8. It is the responsibility of the submitter to provide accurate information and obtain approval from the project’s owner and authorization from the photographer/photo agency to submit the project for competition and publicity purposes.

9. Fill light is prohibited. Images modified or digitally enhanced are prohibited.

10. Award winners grant the IESNYC and Lumen Committee the rights to use narratives and images for competition and publicity purposes in all media.

11. Final images, project description, narratives, or title of winning entries will be chosen or edited at the discretion of the judges. Overall presentation of winning projects for the Lumen Awards Gala may be edited or revised by the Lumen Committee.  Whenever possible, the Lumen Committee will inform recipients of revisions.